Where did all the money go?

Where did all the money go? Where did all the bullshit come from?

Sounds like the sort of question our leaders should be asking on our behalf. But instead, it’s being left to a computer video game!

Aniglobe has launched a funding campaign to make a game about our current economic problems. And I have to say it looks great! a lot of fun and one of those sort of ideas you think “hey, what a good idea!”

Their aim is to open up the games industry to more social comment and direct social relevance, a hard task, given that most computer games are designed to be pretty mindless! But, looking at their campaign at indiegogo.com I think they have pulled it off, or will pull it off when the game is released.

Even reading the gameplay made me laugh! it’s really worth a read, I guess it would be even funnier if it weren’t so close to being true!

Where did all the money go

Simply put, its about a character called Eddy Everyman who’s home town has been drained of all its colour and all that’s left are For Sale signs and bullshit on the streets (literally!) Eddy’s job is to earn money by clearing the streets of bullshit, by manually pushing it, or using his Anti Bullshit Ray! When he has enough money and some other items, like government forms, long, medium and shorts ones (made me laugh) He can enter 1% land behind the Great Walled Garden and begin trading on the Wall Street Casino.

You get the picture, its very funny and quite on the mark. His money is converted into spurious IUO Dollars and he has to deal with evil bankster bots trying to rob him of his money. To end the game he must earn at least 1 Billion IOU$’s, clear the bullshit canons and collapse the Shaky Investment Pyramids (made me laugh again)

It’s worth going to the campaign site and reading the gameplay and seeing the video. I hope it really kicks off! It seems like a good way to create a talking point about what are actually quite serious issues we are facing in the world.

Where did all the money go
Where did all the money go
Where did all the money go

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