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Under two weeks to go for Bitbillions founder places

BitBillions Matrix invitation

BitBillions Official launch set to 15th August. Please get in NOW! or you may regret it. This is truly a game changer. Upgrade to Founder member BEFORE Aug 15th.

You need a referral to join the GBBG fund. Click on the link above to join.

Here’s another little secret… you can play the dev version of Crystal Mobius. like diamonds? like blowing them up? like chasing crystal goddesses around a crystal world?

Shh: press b to drop bombs on the mobius diamonds (not documented)

Remember these are just secret dev copies, fyo, they will occasionally crash and they are not complete, they are not even in Beta yet.

If you have a problem loading, try changing browsers, safari works best, chrome and firefox sometimes need to reload. Opera works fine and IE seems ok too.

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