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Want to have a little fun? Did you know you don’t have to invest any real money to make real money from bitcoins? All you need to do is open a free bitcoins wallet to start receiving cash.

Most of us will have heard of the crazy price swings of the new crypto currency. In Feb 2013 they were only a few dollars, then, partly due to the crisis in Cyprus, they raced to nearly $250 per coin; then just as spectacularly it crashed again back down to the teens. So, hardly a very stable investment right? Really just a bubble currency that only the brave and the foolish would dare put any money into, right?

Well, would you like some free money? Here are some very good reasons why you should at least open a free bitcoins wallet (best listed below).

There are a number of sites who will now pay you in bitcoins for watching video’s and ads, visiting sites, translating, doing surveys, even bitcoin gaming etc… all the usual internet marketing stuff that makes a few extra dollars if you can be bothered. But the benefits of being paid in bitcoins rather than dollars and cents is simple, it is exactly because of the crazy price fluctuations that your lowly earned bitcoins can suddenly turn into way more than you ever expected. (see the amazing GBBG Fund info at the end of this article)

When you get paid in cents and dollars, you pay all sorts of transfer charges from paypal and others who take large bites of your meager cash. On top of this the currency conversion value never changes very much and you pay big standard fees to your bank. With bitcoins, the value can literally double overnight! and you never pay anymore than 0.5% when you use them.

With the current opening up of Africa and big parts of Asia to bitcoins as their main payment online solutions, the price is set to rocket again. Many predicting it could reach $2,500 USD! sometime next year (who knows, but its worth considering and for no cost to you). So, your few fractions of a bitcoin suddenly become lots and lots of real dollars. If the price falls again, you only ever lose if you withdraw your money when it is worth less than you paid for it… what was that again? err… Nothing!

To be honest, you are a fool if you deny being a part of such a profound change to the way we earn and spend our money. All you need is a free bitcoin wallet to start collecting the cents that may well turn into hundreds of dollars. You could also actually buy bit coins with real dollars, but where is the fun in that? and you may lose it all.

So there are some amazing opportunities to earn free bitcoins at the moment, you really should check some of these out.

The ones I’m listing here have the best reputation and have affiliate credentials (for making money). There are many more if you do a search, but some of these come and go just as quickly, best to stick with the ones who will stick around too.

Lets start with getting a Free Bitcoin wallet to store your cash.

A big mover at the moment.

  • CoinBase (provides free wallets and access to free bitcoins)

One of the most trusted by many (including me):

A great place to start:

  • CoinMama (provides free wallets and access to free bitcoins)

For prices, buying and selling on the exchange (they also provide a free wallet)

Now for the good free stuff – Once you have your wallet to get paid. This is where you will make real money and they pay well and reliably. Many companies, over the next few years, will be going on a big promotion campaigns to pay the users in bitcoin to view their content. It makes more sense for them and us, bitcoins just cuts out the middle man.

    You can even use your bitcoins to buy gold directly!

  • CoinBul (turn your bitcoins into Gold)

Finally, I have saved possibly the best until last:

BitBillions and the GBBG Fund (It’s free, just get a place Now!)

There are many innovative business startups trading entirely in bitcoins. Some of these programs are backed by big venture capital firms or crowd source funding like kickstart or indiegogo. They hold enormous potential and I cannot stress enough that you need to be in on the ground floor… now! I will be assessing each ones progress. Today I am concentrating on bitbillions and the GBBG Fund. I will post some others later.

You must get a place in this funding matrix. It’s free and likely to explode over the next year with some game changing products and tech, think Google when it started, really, could be that big. Those who stake a place now may earn a fortune as the years go by, but you must get in early. Go to the site, sign up for free and read up about this unique new service. Get paid to surf the internet for free!

On the site go to Bitcoin News to keep up with everything that’s going on in the bitcoin world or go to

Sometimes you think that nothing will ever change… and then it does. The Bitcoin phenom is being embraced by large VC funds and there are even moves to start trading bitcoins on the stock markets. The ability to eliminate credit card call backs and processing fees has hit a chord in the financial sector and opens the door for easy and cheaper trading on all levels of commerce.

So, that’s my account for now, I will be making regular more detailed reports on each opportunity as it comes up. Come and join me playing with the bitcoin phenom and let’s all make some money! Know of more bitcoin opportunities? Please let me know and I will try them and then include the best.

  • Yes, a few of the links above are affiliated. I am sharing what has worked, so far, for me.


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