Brainspace, one of the best new software Apps I’ve seen

I came across one of the best new software apps today on a crowd source funding site. It’s not often you find a new way of doing things on digital device these days but this app looks like it’s worthwhile funding. Brainspace seeks to offer you a new way of viewing and storing data.

Rather than just regurgitate their own words which you can read on the site, this product is from an indie developer who has been trying to get it completed and ready for market. It offers the chance to record your musings as Ideas, that contain thoughts and fragments. It gives the user the ability to write notes or develop a project or creative idea and then hold together all associated information from web searches and bookmarks and research and any files you are working on.

This gives the user a way of being able to browse and inter connect one Idea (project) or Thoughts to others. In a way its like creating a map of your own brain that you can take with you where ever or whatever device your are on. It also allows you to share parts of this information with others and to connect to other peoples thoughts and ideas.

What I like most about this Brainspace approach is that rather than seeing it as tables and charts, it presents your ideas in a cool graphical format, that does make you feel you are browsing through your own mind! Sure beats looking a file manager windows while you search for old projects or things you’ve worked on. And it takes the idea of bookmarking to a whole new level.

Really worth a look at this  new software,  it’s an ongoing project that is almost ready for beta testing and so they are looking for funding and investment. One of the more creative approaches  to computer use and maybe one of the best new software apps I’ve seen in a long time. Go take a look… 

Brainspace one of the best new software apps

BrainSpace Search and Find

Brainspace one of the best new software apps

Brainspace Browser and Explorer

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