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Aniglobe 3D have given access to an alpha copy of the new shoot em up game called Crystal Mobius

This free 3d game plays right out of your browser like a flash game (loads a safe plugin). Amazing graphics with an artistic eye set this shoot em up game apart from others. Its a lot of fun shooting those diamonds with your cry therm ray, kind of therapeutic in its own way and no blood is spilled anywhere!

To win you will need to chase the crystal goddess droids and remove all the diamonds encrusting the mobius energy plants. BTW the sounds are excellent too. I found this game really addictive and part of that is due its simplicity, unique creativity and beautiful 3d environment, it really takes you off and makes a real change from the blood and guts war game genre. It’s just a simple and fun idea brought into a rich 3D space.

The full game will offer downloadable HD versions for PC and Mac and no doubt for other mobile devices too. The web versions will remain free online games. Due sometime this year! Stay tuned and Have fun!

a sneak peak at the new Aniglobe 3D game called Mobius…
(alpha dev version only, just move and shoot!)
* you may be asked to load the 3D plugin (no spam or malware) *
Crystal Mobius Dimensions: Epi 1 : Attack of the Crystal Goddess Droids

Click screen to load and play

(* please note this is a dev preview only – full game release mid 2013 –
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